Elevating the standards in
Truck Cap production.

LTA Manufacturing has changed the game in truck cap production with POLYFUSE™ technology. This patent pending injection mold process produces a truck cap that is lighter weight, has a higher quality finish, and a higher weight capacity for roof rack systems and accessories. The innovative technology is being used for the first time to create fiberglass truck caps, and LTA Manufacturing is the ONLY company currently producing truck cap products with this method.

Stronger and lighter.

POLYFUSE™ Technology produces a truck cap that is both stronger and lighter compared to traditional open mold truck caps. The new production process creates a product that is up to 38% lighter and has triple the strength. The added strength makes installing accessories such as rack systems or roof top tents easier and safer.

Improved fit and finish.

POLYFUSE™ Technology creates higher quality parts with more consistent mechanical properties than most traditional molding processes. By equally distributing neat resin through the mold’s fibers and adding extra reinforcement to the roof, this creates a more rigid, yet a lighter, higher quality and smoother truck cap.

In addition, POLYFUSE™ Technology’s process can create a more uniform, consistent shape and thickness, minimizing the presence of air pockets and preventing moisture buildup.

Help shape the future
of Truck Cap production.

LTA Manufacturing, Inc’s POLYFUSE™ Technology is the next step in the world of truck cap molding processes, providing numerous advantages over traditional methods, including superior quality, more design flexibility, and much stronger and lighter product.

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